Skip Hire in Altrincham

Hiring a skip if you haven’t done this before can sometimes feel a little intimidating. The skip hire industry is more towards people who know exactly what they are after and mainly know how the whole process works. Different sized skips, different types of skips can be a whole new world to you which you have never heard of before. This guide will help you understand and find the right cheap skip hire in Altrincham.

Who does Skip Hire?

The big skip industry has a lot of small operators that are all across the country. If you do a quick search on the web for skip hire Altrincham, you will come across many different websites offering a skip hire service or a nationwide skip hire service, but most of these could be waste management companies and skip brokers who more than likely do not have their own skip lorries, they will most likely take your money and hire a subcontractor for the job.

Where can I find a good skip company?

Best way to find a good skip company is to do a quick search of Google for the ‘skip hire’ and the name of the town or area you are located. For example, skip hire Altrincham will display results for skip companies based in altrincham. Try to ignore the skip brokers and look out more for someone like they provide skips for hire and have their own lorries to bring the skips directly to you.

What can be put into skips?

The can be many things that can go in skips but here is a list of some of the most common ones that shouldn’t go into a skip:

  • Batteries

  • Oils, Petrol, Diesel

  • Liquids

  • Tyres

  • Paint

  • Computer Screens & TVs

  • Fluorescent Tubes

  • Freezers, Fridges and Air conditioning units

  • Gas bottles and Gas Canisters

  • Plasterboard

  • Toxic Materials & other Hazardous Materials.

  • Asbestos

  • Electrical Appliances

  • Medical Waste / Syringes

One major rule about skips, is it cannot be overfilled, it should always be level load. If you do decide on hiring a skip and you go passed the overfill line you have a chance of the skip hire company charging you more when they come to collect the skip. Or the worst cause they ask your to remove the excess waste before they take the skip away.

What size skip should I need to hire?

Skips come in a lot of different sizes from mini which is very small all the way to maxi which is very big. The most common skip you will see on your daily walks are the 6 to 8 yards. The skip size depends on the amount of waste you wish to dispose off. The rule of thumb is the larger the skip the cheaper it is per cubic yard, but make sure when you hire a large skip that you have enough waste to fill it up, or you could be wasting money. Also keep in mind that some councils can be funny and not allow skips larger than 8 yards be placed on public streets.

How long can I skip hire for?

Most skip hire companies allow you to keep the skip for 1 to 2 weeks after delivery but if you have filled it already, you can always call your skip hire company to see if it can be collected early. Also if the skip is placed / located on the public street you have to bear in mind about the duration of the skip hire permit. Basically the longer you have the skip the more its going to cost, price of permit and other extra charges.

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