Skip Hire and Waste Management Fallowfield

Do you need to get rid of waste, we at Eco Enviro Group Ltd can help with our skip hire, you can hire a skip in Fallowfield for waste removal and we have a big range of different skips to suit all needs.

Sometimes hiring a skip can become a little confusing there are a few things that you may want to consider before hiring a skip.

Where will the hired skip be placed?

When hiring a skip you need to think of where it will be placed, whether it will be placed on a driveway, public footpath or road, you may require a council permit. Eco Enviro Group can deal with permits but sometimes a local council may ask the person who is hiring the skip to acquire the permit if the skip is going to be placed on a public footpath or road. The process to gain a permit can take up to five days, so be sure to ring us early for your skip hire in Fallowfield.

What are you putting into the skip?

All of our skips that we provide are able to accept a wide range of wastes, but we cannot dispose of the following, oils, fats, chemicals etc.. check out our waste type page it will give you an idea of what wastes can be placed into our skips and what wastes cannot.

Eco Enviro Group Ltd owns its very own recycling plant, when a skip arrives back to us we make sure that up to 100% of the skip will be recycled before moving onto the land fill. This protects the environment and also prevents waste going to the already overflowing landfills.

For all your skip hire and waste management enquires give us a call on : 0161 793 0000 or send us an email at: